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nm_fred [userpic]

Hat Trick

November 16th, 2008 (07:28 pm)
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Astrea sets down the last bag, then wanders into the loo to make sure's got everything, I s'pose.

I start to incant "mobilus" to pick up all the bags, but they get only a few inches off the floor, then fall back down with rustles and clunks. I s'pose I coulda shrunk 'em more, but then they woulda been easier to carry out, and I couldn'ta put things off this long.

I don't want to go. If there's anythin' more magical than magic, this weekend was it - and I don't want it to end. Sure, I know Starlight and me'll be seeing each other loads more, just like I promised, and I wouldn'ta done that unless I meant it. Jus' that...reality's so damned...real. HatTrickCollapse )

nm_fred [userpic]

Weekend Away...In Bed...

November 14th, 2008 (09:16 pm)
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current location: Away

I would swear time lost its momentum soon as I read Astrea's second note, delivered by Plop and saying she would indeed be glad to join me on a weekend frolic. But I slogged my way through, using work to fill the void (never a problem with that ) and we're now approaching the Time of Departure. I check everything for what I s'pose is the tenth time or so, but the take-alongs are shrunk into a small carry-with, and it feels like all systems are go.

I walk myself down Diagon and make the turn onto Knockturn Alley, smiling a bit at the sound of Oggy's arguing voice wafting out over the corner between. Quite the negotiator, that one.

Once I can get a visual of the Midnight Apothecary, I have to do my damnedest not to jog my way there. Wouldn't do to show up for a nice long weekend with Astrea all hot and sweaty, would it? I'm but two doors down now, and wonder if she'll wander out soon, or if I'll have to go in and collect her. WeekendAwayCollapse )

nm_fred [userpic]

Bloody Done with Bein' Apart

November 13th, 2008 (01:25 am)
current location: Ronnard's flat

It seems like it's been forever and a ruddy day since Astrea and I got some time to be alone together. Or together at all for that matter. The shop's been drivin' me mad, on top of the fact that both Georgie and I had a particularly dry spell in the inventin' department there for a while, my own notably drier than his. Other than that, it's just the whole logisti-tickle thing of havin' a staff, taking care of them, training 'em up, and keeping the retail side o' things going as schooltime usual (to say nothin' of the more-than-usual cauldron replacement trips made necessary by one particular member of said staff).

For that reason, the alone time Astrea and I've had has suffered. At least I know I've suffered from a decided lack, and though I wouldn't want Starlight to suffer in any way, I gotta say I hope she's missed me just a little bit too. But it's time to put that bloody lack to a stop, it is. DoneCollapse )

nm_fred [userpic]

All Work and No Play, or Plop Saves the Day

October 2nd, 2008 (05:42 pm)
current location: WWW, as always lately

Firefly shortage. Yup, that's what they're tellin' me.

Lousy suppliers can't drag their arses out into the woods and meadows to collect 'em is what I think.

Trudes has got their heads on Floo in the back and she's waitin' for me to tell her where to go from here. "Tell 'em we still want 'em. Tell 'em we'll pay no more than fifteen percent more because they contracted to get 'em for us way last spring, no matter what kinda shortage there is. We've got to get those flies in here and get 'em charmed before the weather sets in. Once it does, they're done for if they haven't been charmed and they're one of our biggest sellers. Only so many of 'em'll breed in captivity so we need those native-breds. For the life of Pads, don't these suppliers get it?"

"All right, Fred, all right," Trudes says evenly, showing amazing patience for her, which only means she has a gut feeling I'm about to go off again. "We'll get you your flies. Don't let it get to you." She turns to head into the back room again, while the noise of the shop surrounds me again. Poor Trudes has gone from register clerk to all-'round assistant the past few months, while Kilos pounds that reg and Pip keeps upping her production of new stuff in the bowels of the shop. All of us gotta stock whenever we get time to take a deep breath and we're not too exhausted to move.

"Thanks, Trudes," I tell her, and she turns a bit to give me a wan smile as she continues on her way. I sigh.

Business is great. Well no, really it's not. It's more than great. It's bloody phenomenal. I should be in seventh magical heaven standing here watching our WWW goods roll out the door while the money rolls in. It's no wonder we're attractin' the attention of the wrong sort trying to get at all those Galleons, like the one trying to break into the till the other day what hurt Reggie when she attacked him (and yeah, she's all fully recovered now).

It's all good, it really is, and I shouldn't even think of complainin'. But somehow my brain keeps replayin' the visual I got of the woods and meadows those fireflies are dancin' in and I find myself really wishin' it was me who was out there frolickin' amongst them, catchin' 'em or not.

It's my day to watch the shop, but both me and George have been comin' in no matter what to keep things going. The days are kinda blurring together really and I can't remember the last time I really took a good day off, doin' something I wanna be doin'. Geordie's doin' a bit better than me right now at stayin' positive, but I s'pose it's mostly because of his new toy, Ivanka. I'm glad for him, though. He deserves to be happy.

I keep at stuffing more Invisible Itching Powder on the shelf when I hear a few whoops and howls near the door and look up to see a flutter of feathers that take a dive right next to me with a resounding thunk.

"Plop!" I say loudly in surprise. "Damn, are you a sight for sore eyes!"

I see a gaggle of teenage witches headed my way, lookin' like they need advice on the Daydream Charms shelf (which can go on for hours, mind), so I selfishly take things into my own hands, scooping up Plop parcel and all, and head for the back room. This, whatever it might be, I'll be enjoying entirely on my own, thanks.

Setting Plop carefully on the tying stand in the back, I grab the dish of owl treats and set them where they can be reached. In the meantime, I untie the parcel and the note attached.

I read the note in Astrea's handwriting three times in a row, feeling my smile grow wider and my heart grow warmer each time Then I hold the letter to my face and deeply inhale the light scent of her perfume that must have passed from her fingertips onto this page just minutes ago. Damn, I miss my Starlight!

Fingers fumblin', I work my way into the parcel and tear the parchment off, revealing the sweetest and softest little yellow teddy I've ever laid eyes on. And lo and behold, right in her round little belly is a bright little star with a heart inside to match her nose. "Starlight," I murmur softly. Of course. Not caring whether or not Trudes sees me from across the room, I close my eyes and hold the bear tight to me, right over my own heart, hoping that somehow after touchin' her so recently, Astrea might know how strongly my heart beats for her.

After a few, I rush to the desk where we do the books, rummagin' around until I find a piece of parchment. Then I shove aside the stack of things piled there, sit down, and grab a quill to thank her and let her know I'm feeling the same.

Dearest Astrea,

Thank you! I love her! ...Almost as much as I love you. Had to name her Starlight, after all - no other name would do, considerin'. And you're right. It has been too long, and I'm feeling ever so guilty for not realizing sooner that work's going to have to get along without me long enough for us to spend some time together. It's gonna need to be more than an afternoon or an evening too -maybe a good, long time to make up for being apart as long as we have.

So...Starlight here, and I'll be thinkin' of you tonight, brainstorming how we're gonna work this all out. Then once we've got it figured, we'll snuggle up and settle down for a nice long night of dreamin' about you. Still, soft and cuddly as she is, I have to admit I'll be wishing it was you I could snuggle up with and hold close.

I miss you, Starlight. Loads. Be watchin' for another owl in the next few days bringing you our getaway plan. Thanks again, both for Starlight and for snapping me out of my all-work-and-no-play stupor. How in Prongs name did this happen, and just what would I do without you?

Yours always, and in person right soon!

P.S. - These aren't quite as delicious as kisses, certainly not as good as yours, but maybe they'll hold you over till I get there.

I take the parchment and slip through the door to the shop floor. Then I head straight for one particular shelf, snatching up a shiny little gold box and as I rush back to the tying stand, Plop is finishing up the last owl treat.

Into the parchment, I roll the little gold box of Delectably Decadent Chocolates (perfect for Love-Potioning is why we carry 'em, virtually irresistible, though these are going without, since what Astrea and I have together has got anything a potion could do beat by kilos).

"S'pose you can make it back down to the Midnight, Plop?" I ask, and he promptly holds out his leg, making me laugh. "There's the kinda spunk I like." I tie on the parcel and gently carry the little owl to the big back window.

"Wish I knew just how l much o' this love for her you could carry, and I'd send her as much as I could so she'd know I surely haven't been away from her on purpose," I tell Plop. "But I'm pretty sure I'd better deliver it myself anyway. Chances are it'd be way too much for a little owl like you to carry, tough and strong a post owl as you are."

Plop looks at me one last time, hoots, then takes wing toward the south. I turn back and see Starlight Bear smiling sweetly at me from the desk. Amazing enough, just lookin' at her tells me two things: I'll be wearing a smile the rest of the day and night, no doubt, and I'm feeling better already knowing I've got time with Astrea to look forward to. A little idea starts working its way into my brain and I decide that thinking on it'll keep me goin' the rest of the day here till I can devote full-time to plannin' tonight.

And I think I might have an idea for just the sorta time we need...

nm_fred [userpic]


August 28th, 2008 (07:50 pm)

current location: The Wheezes
current mood: creative
current song: The pitter-patter of tiny customers

Geordie’s out checkin’ the shelves, Marley’s downstairs doin’ her damnedest to weaken the foundation with her little ‘oops’es, and Kilos is running the reg. Mayhaps they all need a bit o’liquid refreshment like I do.

I head to check the back room ice box and pull out four bottled lemonades. I float one down to Marley and hear a “thank you, whoever sent that!” from the stairwell for my trouble. Then so as not to clout any customers in the head with a wayward bottle, I carry Kilos’ and Geordie’s out to them, fetching mine along.

“Kilos!” I toss the bottle to him and he deftly catches it. Sometimes makes me wonder how it is we got coordination like that up here runnin’ the register when we got Marley downstairs doin’ the dangerous stuff. But why go the conventional safe route, eh?Brainstormin')Collapse )

nm_fred [userpic]

Time together at last...

July 4th, 2008 (01:33 am)

current mood: cheerful

For the life of me, I just can't get our new flavor of Drink Doozies right. I add a bit of metallic flavoring to enhance the faint aura of rich, dark soil, but...After tasting again, I just can't get quite the right essence of 'Slug'. Nasty, yeah - but not quite right.

I’m just standing there, shakin’ my head as to what to try next, when I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. The sight of Plop flying through the basement window starts me grinning, I can feel it. Then the thought that I might get to see Astrea sometime soon has me almost giggly, if I was a giggler, which I don't consider myself to be.

Plop does the landing he’s named for right there on the work table. I carefully remove the parchment from his leg and unroll it.

owlsCollapse )

nm_fred [userpic]

Best laid plans...

June 30th, 2008 (12:58 pm)

current mood: frustrated

All I've gotta do is get through a couple of hours of work, and Kilo's got me covered. He said he would. I've got Astrea's present and everything ready upstairs in the Chez, and soon as I can get loose from work, I'll be on my way to wish my starlight Happy Birthday and spend some time with her, for a change.

Read more...Collapse )

nm_fred [userpic]

An Urgent Plop

April 26th, 2008 (08:27 pm)

current location: WWW
current mood: anxious

Trudes looks awful.

Poor witch came down with some sort o' bug yesterday, and she's only gone steadily downhill since. Watery eyes, and runny nose, pale blue spots under her chin and down her throat, all turnin' bright pink from time to time. Yeah. That and the puppydog eyes, all focused directly on me at the mo.

"Sorry, love," I tell her, tryin' to butter her up a bit so I can get all the ingredients restocking done in the back. "I wouldn'ta asked you to come in at all, but Geordie's worked seven days straight here, tryin' to make up for lost time, and I'm worried about 'im. A clone needs his rest, ya know? 'Specially when growin' back an ear and rebuildin' lost blood and all that?"

"Love nuthin', you bloody git! There's no love lost on me 'round here, that's for sure! Runnin' your ruddy shop the whole time you lot are convalescin' in hospital after choosin' - yeah, choosin' to be stupid enough to take on that werewolf! No wonder I'm on the way to my death bed here, all the hours I put in. And now ya won't even let me go home sick," she sniffs, timin' the change from screaming to sympathy-gathering so perfectly I couldn'ta done it better myself. She dabs at her nose again with a tissue and aims her puppydog eyes directly through my own eyes and into my brain. UrgentPlopCollapse )

nm_fred [userpic]

A Clone's work is never done

April 15th, 2008 (02:15 am)

current location: St. Mungo's
current mood: sore

George and I both have a pretty clear idea what was goin’ through Mum’s head when she saw to it George got nothin’ less than a sex goddess for a healer. She wanders in, shimmyin’ her perfect parts around for all to see, just in time to flash a dazzling smile, yank the curtain closed, and sponge ‘im up good. No doubt a good ninety percent of the male patients would gladly suffer another coupla weeks o’ whatever they got just to trade the clone for his sponger babe, and the funniest part of it is, he couldn’t give a rat’s arse.

They’re over there on the other side of the curtain now with her all cooin’ and dribblin’, (with George probably groanin' inside) and I’m really wishin’ they’d let me get up so I could go take a break from it all before I get cavities from the sound of it alone.

Now it’s not that I’m jealous, mind. I’ve got Astrea to shimmy up to myself, and there’s not a Healer in the wizarding world can touch her looks, so I’ve got no reason to care what sort I get. Well, within reason. I woulda been perfectly happy with a sorta normal to average witch of any age with a decent disposition who just feels dedicated to her job.

To Do ListCollapse )

nm_fred [userpic]

Aftermath of the Werewolf

April 1st, 2008 (11:51 pm)
current mood: panicked

I see George’s eyes roll back and his head falls back heavily against Greyback’s muzzle. Greyback yelps and shakes his great head, blood startin' to drip from his nose. So while he's busy I take the chance to eject one of phials from the coin changer. Truce Juice - it's gotta do the trick to get us outta here.

I see the mini-phial shoot out o’ the leftmost chamber and hurtle toward the were, then shatter on the floor at his feet. A huge cloud of violent green billows up and even from here, I can smell the nastiest smell. The baddy lets out a gagging sound. Must suck super-much for him, his senses as keen as they are. Lucky for George he’s knocked out, this stuff is nasty!

Luckily, the smokescreen's startin' to kick in thicker and I wait ‘til the furball stumbles sideways a bit, droppin' Geordie to the ground. Quick as I can, I rush over to his side, tryin' to think of some way to stop the bleeding on his head. I rip off a piece of my shirt from the bottom and cast "Engorgio!" to make it larger, then lean down to tie it 'round his head fast as I can. AftermathCollapse )