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nm_fred [userpic]

A Romantic Dinner for Three...

February 23rd, 2009 (01:38 am)

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It's not easy doin' holidays for Astrea. She's one of those people it's hard to find the right present for.

I mean, sure, you can buy her things. She's always gracious and tells you you're thoughtful and how much she likes whatever thing you bought her. And true - if there's some kind of meaning attached to the thing, it might be exactly what she wants. But in general, she's not like a lot of witches: not distracted by oodles of sparkly jewelry, or expensive perfumes or clothes, or even expensive anything just for the sake of how much money her wizard was willing to spend on her. If you're gonna get her a thing, it's gotta have meaning, or just don't bother. 'Least, I s'pose I've got that right.

So it seems we just snuck our way through Christmas, and then - here comes Valentine's Day. Since I already screwed up royal for our anniversary (thank Prongs she isn't the sort to hold a grudge forever on me forgettin' stuff either), and it turned out Miles and some o' the rest o' the sales crew ended up with the wizard flu on Valentine's Day, keepin' me at the Wheezes, this was gonna have to be extra, extra incredibly special, this overly tardy Valentine's present.

I had wracked my brains for weeks thinkin' about the weight of this gift and what it should mean to her, to us - even before the calamitous Wheezes V-Day epidemic. But I reckon I've got it - exactly what would make my Starlight happiest. In fact, she all but asked for it once, maybe even a coupla times, but I'll bet she'd never expect to get it for Valentine's Day, the Late Version.

I pull out a piece of parchment and a quill to write out a note for her.

My Dearest Starlight,

I know I'm probably in big trouble for not treating you even near as good as you deserve, what with me having to help watch the shop on Valentine's Day and all. But I do s'pose I've got one thing going for me, which is that I think you know how much I love you, and that there's no wizard could ever love you more. Do you reckon there's any chance I might be able to see you either for dinner tomorrow night or the next? Even after, or some other time would be fine with me, if you've got other plans with Nina or someone. I know it's short notice, and I reckon us beggars can't be choosers, eh? But I've got something really special I want to talk with you about, and a little late Valentine's giftie of sorts, that I really, really think you might like.

Please let me know soon as you can. I'll be waiting anxiously for the Return of X, or for Plop to come sailing through my window with your answer. I love you, Starlight.

Yours always,

I waggle my finger at X till he makes his way over, then I attach the rolled parchment to his leg and set him off.

Now. Time to fix up that present.


Posted by: nm_astrea (nm_astrea)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2009 01:39 am (UTC)

I look over the note from Fred and bite my lip, scattering some owl treats for X while I read. I had missed him on Valentines but as I told Oliver, the way we are whenever we're together no matter what the day, it's special. I can't really be that selfish to expect it every day.

I take out a scroll of parchment and start to write.

Dear Fred,

I could try and be mad at you...Merlin knows Tonks would probably tell me to make you suffer as long as I could but it just doesn't feel right to me. I'm free tomorrow night, do I get a hint what this 'giftie of sorts' might be? I guess no such thing as 'usual' around you. I love you and miss you. I can't wait until tomorrow now.

Yours always,

I see Plop is still out hunting, but fortunately X hasn't gone yet, so I attach the note to his leg and send him off back to Fred.

Posted by: nm_fred (nm_fred)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2009 01:41 am (UTC)
up to something

I'm scrounging through the ice box, trying to figure out what to make for dinner when I hear a tapping at the window, and I know X has come back. I slam the ice box door shut and rush to open it, letting X in and wrapping him in a kitchen towel to dry his slightly drippy little felt body.

"You did a bang-up job gettin' back so fast, X-ie boy," I tell him, knowing how tired flying in the fog can make him. I carefully untie the parchment from his leg and set him down on the counter in his towel to get warm. Anxious to see what Starlight's said, I quickly unroll the parchment and read.

"Yeah!" I shout after, picking up X and waltzing him 'round the kitchen a time or two. "She's not even all hacked off at me! Not that I don't deserve it, mind. But I do know I much prefer gettin' right down to the havin' fun stuff with 'er instead of goin' through some long, drawn-out dance full o' remorse. She probably doesn't know how many remorseful kicks I gave myself already."

X just looks at me with his sewn-on neutral expression. Yeah, someday we'll get him to crack a smile, Geordie and me. Still, somehow I can feel he's in my corner. I re-read her note one more time. "So...she wants a hint on the giftie-of-sorts, does she? Alright then, we'll fix 'er up good, we will."

Dearest Starlight,

Gotta say I was more than thankful and grateful that you can forgive me. Prongs knows it's loads more fun having a great time together than it is wasting a whole lotta time being angry. So - that means we're on for dinner tomorrow night, eh? How's about I come pick you up at six at your place, and we'll go somewhere great to eat from there? It's then and there I will unveil...*drum roll*...the Giftie-Of-Sorts! But iffin you need a coupla hints in the meantime, here they are: the number 'three' and a table. Psh. I probably gave ya too many hints though. That oughtta be a dead giveaway by now.

Alright, love, I'm gonna hurry and get this back to you before you forget you decided not to be angry with me (and yeah, glad ya told Tonks to mind her own, eh?). I can't wait for tomorrow night to come now, even though I already know it's gonna feel like forever till I see you. I love you, Astrea!



I pull out my wand and do a drying spell on X, knowing that he's gonna have to go out and brave the foggy dampness again. "But it's for a good cause, mate. Really, the best." The I tie on the new parchment and send poor X back out into the fog.

Posted by: nm_astrea (nm_astrea)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2009 01:42 am (UTC)

When I see X return I squeak to see the state he's in, and sigh, setting him down carefully with drying and warming spells and a lot more owl treats this time. "You rest now until the weather gets a bit better," I tell him gently. "Plop can take this one back when he gets here."

Dear Fred,

Six is fine, I'll see you then. I can't wait! And I guess I'll just have to keep thinking on that clue until you give me something more to go on.

Yours always,

I put the note aside until Plop comes back from hunting, he gives a disgruntled hoot about being sent out again but he agrees anyway, giving X a chance to rest and dry off more thoroughly before he returns home.

Posted by: nm_fred (nm_fred)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2009 01:45 am (UTC)
almost almost almost

Still grinning after reading Astrea's most recent note, I send Plop on his way after treatin' him to a few owl snacks. I can't wait to see Astrea, but it's time to go ahead and get the surprise ready - at leat tomorrow night's part of it, anyway.

I look downstairs for a small box I can use to put a couple more hints in for her before I break the news as to what the real plan is. Finally finding a box, I have to think about this carefully to make sure I fit in all the bits for hints that I can. S'pose I've collected everything I need from the shop and around.

First, I put in the business card from the Maison and a carte blanche gift certificate for dinner, though that'll take a bit o'explanation as to just where in the Maison we're gonna be. Then I tuck the little 'Charmed Charm' necklace that usually goes over well with the teenage sorts because it comes with a charm to inscribe whatever ya want on the back - long as it's only seventy five characters or less. But that's not why I picked out that particular one, which on the front says, "Daddy's Girl". Last thing I put in is a Gryffindor pin George and I won for some strange thing in third or fourth year, can't even remember. But that's only to stand for my Gryffindor courage anyway, somethin' I'm gonna have to ante up in spades to do this right.

I wrap the whole thing in some sparkley silver-blue paper I've brought from the shop as well, and add an icy blue ribbon and bow with a sprinkling of shiny pale pink hearts into the center. There. Now all I've gotta do is try and be patient for tomorrow night to come.

Posted by: nm_fred (nm_fred)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)

The Next Evening

Not that it surprises me much, but no, it's not easy to wait to see Starlight for a whole twenty four hours plus. But then, I knew that'd happen right off. Even made it worse wanting to give her her gift as soon as I could.

But finally we're in the realm, time-wise, so I get dressed in some of my nice suayve and deboyner duds so we can go to a semi-nice place for dinner. Then I take my little giftie box and Apparate my way over to Astrea's flat.

I make my way to the door, and knock. The door is opened seconds later by my Starlight who grins broadly when she sees me and in mere seconds she's in my arms.

"You made it then," she grins, kissing me. "I missed you...and what's with all this cryptic clue stuff?"

Sometimes Starlight just makes me feel like I'm grinnin' all over. "I missed you too, love - loads - and 'course, I made it! Hehe, not wastin' any time askin' about the clue stuff, eh? Glad to see it's got your interest piqued, as they say. Makes me seem all the more sexy and mysterious, does it?" I kiss her again, deeply, and I'm actually pretty sure there's no mystery at all to how I feel about her.

She laughs, "Very James Bond...so...do I have to torture you to get answers or are you going to tell me?" She gives me one of those looks which makes me think I would most likely enjoy whatever 'torture' she had in mind...but the look doesn't last long as her excitement and curiousity gets the better of her and she bounces on the balls of her feet, looking expectantly at me.

When Astrea gets like that, she's just too adorable and I already know I can't refuse her a damned thing. I sigh and grin at her. "Ya know, I'd sorta planned on letting you open this at dinner, but - I can tell already it's not gonna make it that long." I hold the little wrapped box out to her.

She bites her lip and grins at me excitedly, accepting it and opening it carefully. Seeing her expression changes as she views the contents of the box is rather satisfying, especially the look of complete puzzlement when she sees the 'Daddys girl' charm.

"Any ideas yet, love? Or have I got ya stumped?" I tease.

She frowns and scratches her head a minute then sighs, looking at me with those puppy eyes, "Stumped I'm afraid...but then I sort of expected that from you..."

"Alright then," I chuckle. "I'll help ya out. All those things in there aren't the real giftie, 'course. I can't exactly give you your real Valentine's Day gift yet, since I kinda needed your help with it. But it's the one thing I thought you'd be happiest and most excited about. You remember at all what you told me on our anniversary that you wished for?"

"Um...all I remember is cajun chicken and...well...not going back to work..." she grins mischievously remembering why we didn't go back to work. "Um...what I wished for...ohh about you meeting Daddy?"

"Oooh, you'regood," I tell her. "So...whaddya think of this? I know what you said about your dad needing to sorta stay outta the limelight and all, but - so happens there's a really nice room in the back of the Maison that can be very, very private, and warded, so that no one can get in there. What if...I get that room set up, and put together a really, really nice dinner - not the usual Maison joke fare - and we invite your daddy? Then the three of us can have dinner together, and talk and...I'll get to meet him that way."

Her jaw drops and her eyes widen slightly as she stares at me, blinking in stunned silence for a moment. Almost a moment too long as I feel my stomach churn over, what if she doesn't like it? Then she finally speaks, though her voice is quiet and a little breathless, "You'd do that for me? That's...I..." She gives a slight whimper, giving up on words and kisses me again, her arms tightening around me.

Her kiss is so filled with love that I even feel my eyes tingle a bit as we finally pull away and I look down into her face. " 'Course I would, Starlight. I'd do anything for you," I tell her softly, kissing her again to show her how much I mean it.

"Thank you," she grins, nuzzling into my neck. "It'll be so fantastic...I can't wait for you to meet him...I told him I could trust you."

Posted by: nm_fred (nm_fred)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2009 01:47 am (UTC)

"Yep, well - he can. Never did nothin' to me and mine to cause me any problems. And the way I see it, without him, there wouldn't be you, so how could he be all bad. eh?" I pull the Gryff pin out of the little box and hold it up. "It'll just take a bit o' this is all. Put this in there to mean I'm gonna have to dredge up some o' that Gryffindor courage we're s'posed to be so famous for. You know, meetin' the dad and all that."

"It is a pretty big step..." she agrees, grinning broadly. "Who'd have thunk it eh? The troublemaker who destroyed half my stock would end up being the wizard of my dreams...I'm so lucky to have you..."

"Hey - think I'm the lucky one here, so I s'pose we'll have to disagree on that one, but I'll take the wizard of your dreams position, if you're willing to give it," I tell her, just before the thought of how we met makes me chuckle a bit. "Ya know, hate to have to tell ya this, but - knowin' what I do now? I woulda destroyed all your stock and paid for it ten times over, long as it got us together."

"Really?" she looks at me a little surprised by this, "Well it's probably a good job for your bank balance that smashing only half of it worked. So...wizard of my dreams...sounds like a pretty big deal...what does that make me?"

"Hmmm," I tease. "Have to think on that, I s'pose. Well, I'd say you'reway past a friend by now, even if that was the first thing we agreed on together. I'm not sure that 'girlfriend' really covers it either, certainly not entirely. I'd say you were the witch of my dreams, but then - that wouldn't be very original, now would it, since I'm the wizard of yours? Ah!...Think I've got it..."

"What?" She demands, bouncing excitedly again and giving me a playful shove in the chest until I find myself pinned against the wall opposite the door to her flat. "Tell me?"

"Well, it'll maybe sound kinda..cheesy...unless I can manage to say it right. What do ya think of..." All at once, I wrap my arms around her and pull her off balance against me, until we're more or less nose to nose. I lean forward a little till my lips are just barely against hers, "...love of my life." Then we sink into a luscious kiss that makes me thankful I've got that wall behind me to lean against, else I expect we'd be on the floor by now.

After what seems like a blissful eternity lost in her kiss I hear her murmur something and force myself to think sensibly so I can understand what she's saying, "I think that sounds rather wonderful...like I got you well and truly hooked...forever?"

"I s'pose the 'hooked' is a bit obvious after that kiss, eh? And I can tell ya that if it's not forever, it's certainly far as I can see for my wizardly future, yeah. I'm not the sort to lie about such things, ya know." As my brain seems to have grown Starlight-coloured fuzz all through it instead fo what normally belongs there, I look into her eyes to try and get my bearings - which is probably one of the worst Ideas I've ever had. The fuzz just grows deeper and thicker. "So, er - did I come over here for anything but this? Because, Prongs - I'll be damned if I can remember what it was if I did."

She laughs at this, and rests her forehead against mine, "Dinner...you must be hooked if I can make you forget food..."

"Oh yeah! Dinner!" I say, remembering that yes, I do have a stomach instead of just nerve endings and lips and...nether regions anxious to play. "See? Told ya I was hooked. Not to bring up my mum at such a moment, but - she'd never believe anybody could make me forget about food, so there ya are. Anyway - are you ready to go?"

"Ready and waiting...so if you're meeting my Dad...when do I get to meet your Mum?"

"Hey - any time. I'd love to have ya meet Mum, if you think you're ready. Not that Mum's mean or bad or anything, just - ya've gotta be ready to meet her's all. Once ya do, you'll know what I mean. You're taking a jacket or...?" I let go of her a bit so I can manage to struggle my way up and at least stand and balance on my own two feet.

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Posted by: nm_fred (nm_fred)
Posted at: February 23rd, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)
Fred.Astrea together!

"Nuhuh, I have you to keep me warm," she grins, taking the Gryffindor pin from the box and pinning it carefully to the front of my robes. "And if you're brave enough to meet my escaped convict father, I think I can brave your Mum."

"Alright, then, it's a deal. Soon as we can set up for the both of them, okay?" I wrap one arm around Starlight tightly since it looks like I'm in charge of warmth for the night as well "But I do suppose we've gotta keep up with the sustenance till such time as we can make it all happen. So - your cloak's on now too - this mean we're off?"

She nods, snuggling against me in a way that feels so perfect like she was just designed to fit against me like this...somehow sending warm fuzzyness radiating through my whole body starting from the point where our bodies meet. This is going to be an interesting dinner.

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