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Family Bonding

July 25th, 2010 (04:26 pm)

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I know this is somethin’ we gotta do, both Geordie an’ me. I keep tellin’ myself that it’s as much for Ron as it is for Lee, though I suppose the one that’d end up on the raw end if things went bad would be our mate Jordan. It’d hardly be fittin’, seein’ as it was him what was takin’ care of Pip and all, and even bein’ the gentlemanly sort all the way, accordin’ to her.

Besides, we need to find out what in the name o’ Pads happened ‘tweenst Pip and Ronnard for real, an’ by that I mean the other side of all o’ that ‘my fault’ stuff what Pip told me. Never in the twenty-odd years that Geordie an’ I been aware o’ Ronnard’s existence has there any been any fight with him in it where he was the angelic innocent in it all.

We’re just about to Ronnard’s place now and head on up the stairs to knock on the flat door.

“Hi, doppelgangers. Come on in. Ron hasn’t awakened yet.”

"Green, my man!" I say, stepping through the door. "Thanks for the invite, eh? Yeah, I'll bet Ron hasn't awakened yet. You, er - haven't happened to talk to him in the last day or so, have ya?"

“No. He hasn’t looked well, he seemed pretty raw, so I figured I’d let him um…sober up a bit before I tried.”

"Not a bad idea, that," I say, givin' Geordie the 'yup, we were right' look with my eyebrows. "I'm guessin' the kid's mebbe been a bit of a mess since yesterday, eh?"

“Yeah, the bit I’ve been home for. I’m actually glad you guys’ve come by. I was trying to decide if I should call my girlfriend and cancel so I could stay with Ron.”

"Aw, nah, you go on ahead and visit your girlfriend, mate," I tell him. "We'll take care o' Ronnard, you can be sure o' that."

“We’ll make sure he gets what he needs,” George says, and I hear the little bit of emphasis on needs. I know what George is like about emotional drinking. He hid all the alcohol when I had my fall. “Alright. I just put a pot of coffee on,” Green says, gesturing toward the kitchen. “You guys can help yourself, I guess, or if you want, I can make another pot or some espresso drinks before I go.”

"We can help ourselves if we need anything else. You just go ahead and go have a good time." I glance over at George again. "We just need to have a li'l chat with Ron about somethin'."

“Uh, just…um…” He seems to fight with himself about what to say. Looks about ready to burst. Finally, he does in a great big rush of air. “I don’t like people using my coffee pot or machine.”

“Er…right. I won’t touch ‘em,” George says and then turns to me. “You?”

"Nope, not me, not for makin' any, anyway," I promise. "Is it okay if we use the coffee what's already made and in the pot? Long as we don't make any of our own? Reason I'm askin' is - we may need enough to get Sleepin' Beauty in there awake enough to talk to us. That alright, or - should we head down to the corner for some?"

“That’s why I made it,” he reminds us.

"Alrighty then! I was jus' checkin' is all." Hopefully not, but - I figure we might cause enough of a ruckus in this flat today, no reason for his coffee pots to get included any more than necessary if he didn't want 'em to be. "We're all set then!"

“Alright, I guess I’ll get going, myself,” he says, slipping off his glasses and putting ‘em in a bag by the door. “Tell Ron I’ll be home tonight as usual.”

“Will do. Have fun,” George tells ‘im. Green slings the bag over his head and opens the door, waving. Then he’s gone.

I look over at Geordie. "Well? Do we take him coffee right off, and act like the lovin' big brothers we are? Or do we march in and demand he tell us what the hell happened, caffeine-free till we get an answer?"

“Coffee first,” he decides. “You remember what he’s like with a hangover and no caffeine. It’s like Mum after we blew up her good turkey platter when we were testing the veggie fireworks.”

I have to make a horrible face at that. "Cripes! How the hell did we even survive that, clone? But yeah, good point. Coffee first."

We walk into the kitchen and I start looking through cupboards while Clone gets the pot, what’s just finished filling. He shakes it a little. “Aww, it sloshes.”

"Yeah, some people just don't know how to make coffee, eh clone? Well, we'll just have to deal with what we've got, seein as we both swore off touchin' the coffee machine to make more," I say. "Besides, reckon Ronnard's pretty used to it that way anyhow. Lessee...coffee mugs,,," I head for the cupboards and start hunting throught them till I pull out a large mug.

“Proper!” George exclaims. “Tall and thick, just like him. The perfect match.”

"You bet!" I tell him, holdin' out the mug. "Nothin' gets by me! Fill 'er up!"

He tips the pot and out pours a lovely light stream of coffee.

"Alright, er...you see if they have milk, I'll dump in the sugar." I spot the sugar jar on the counter and load in a large scoop or two - well, enough that I can feel the weight difference in the mug.

“Might want to add one more,” George answers from the ice box. “Right then, milk. I’ve got the gummy bonds in my pocket. Ready to wake ‘im and truss ‘im up like a turkey.”

"Yeah, mebbe we get 'im into a chair to drink his coffee and then go for it. He'll have an arm free, but he won't know why we got 'im that way yet, so...may not need a Shield Charm yet in case he flails and throws it. Be tricky not spillin' the coffee he's got, though. There's your challenge for the day, eh?"

“No, we gotta do this sneaky,” Geordie says, shakin his head. “Sit ‘im down in a seat. ‘Aww, looks like you could use some coffee. Here ya go.’ While e’s distracted by the coffee, we carefully tie him to the chair, and then it’s too late.”

"Alright then, I'll follow your lead, clone. Right behind ya with the coffee," I tell him.

We head on down the hall ‘til we come to the last door on the left. George pauses, puts his ear to the door, and nods. “That’s the one. We shoulda brought a bulldozer.”

I snap my fingers on the hand that's not holdin' the coffee. "Damn, I knew we forgot somethin' important!"

I watch him nudge open the door and step gingerly into the mess. “Where should we set ‘im up? Watch your step.”

"Hmm - maybe out in the livin' room, you s'pose? Give us more room than uh - " I shake the open cereal box from the floor off my foot, dumpin' Rooty Tooty Loopty Loops into my shoe for my trouble. "Yeah. More room and fewer, er, naturally-occurrin' hazards."

“Not to mention, closer to the coffee if we need more,” he agrees. “Okay, so one grabs foot, other grabs arms and we haul ‘im out? Or we wave the coffee under ‘is nose and just lead ‘im out?”

"Might be best tryin' to lead 'im out with the coffee first," I suggest, still shakin' sticky loops off my socks. "Certainly be easier, if it'll work. Might not clue 'im in to what all we're gonna do to 'im quite so fast, either, seein' as any resistance on his part's gonna mean somethin' akin to wrestlin' a bear."


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“Aaaaaand looks like it’s the moment o’ truth,” George says when we reach a pile of stuff much bigger than all the other piles in the room. Turns out it’s a bed. George looks a mite grim as he looks down at our little brother, haggard and face all tense from unrealized hangover and circles under the eyes and unshaven and all. Obvious signs of a late night drinking away pain and sorrow.

"Ah yeah, there's the li'l cherub now, buried down there amongst the sheets, lookin' oh-so...wiped out?" I say. "Ya wanna nudge 'im a bit to get 'im started?"

“’Fraid I might smack ‘im instead,” he grumbles, but nudges him anyways. “Oi, morning Sparkplug,” he says. “Coffee says ‘Come ‘n drink me.’”

Ron makes a low, deep noise somewhere between a grunt and a growl, then reaches up and grabs his head with his hands, opening one eye to the light and then just as quick closin' it. "Aw, bloody hell... Which of you was just pounding on my head with a hammer? Or well - maybe you were just pounding a nail with my head instead..."

“That was me,” George says. “And I’m gonna keep doin’ that ‘til you drink your coffee like a good boy.”

"Yup we brought it to ya nice and hot and full o' sugary goodness like ya like," I tell 'im. "But ya gotta follow us on out to the other room to get it. We'd be glad to stay in here, but - looks to us like what with everything else ya've got in here, we don't fit too well."

Ronnard squints up at us both with only one eye open. "Thanks loads then, uh - whichever of you was hammerin' my head. Though it kinda feels like you still are and I can see you standing there not doing it." We see his single open eye move back and forth between us. "Merlin, there's even more of you than usual this morning. Er - brought coffee, ya say?"

“Yup, it would wave hello,” Georgie says, “but it’s a little shy.”

Ron scrunches his face."Aw, no...you brought your coffee? I mean, not that it's not good stuff if ya like chewy coffee - and don't mind having to catch it to eat it. But I'm uh - not sure I'm up for that this morning. Sorry."

“I don’t make shy coffee, Ron,” George points out.

"Shouldn't be lookin' a giftie horse in the mouth now," I pretend to scold. "Looks like you could mebbe use all the caffeination you could get. So come on outta there an' see iffin it helps, eh?"

Takin' a deep breath an' lettin' it out, Ron grabs his head with one hand and starts to sit up, throwin' off the single sheet he had over him with the other hand. It takes him a mo, but I s'pose he finally feels the draft. And...lucky, lucky us, it's mornin'. He looks down, and at the same time his jaw drops his ears go red. He yanks the sheet back over his lap. "Uh, uh, uh...sorry. Looks like I forgot to wear anything to bed last night."

“Pfft, don’t be daft, Ron,” George snorts. “It’s not like we didn’t grow up with you. Used to run around in your altogethers all the time. No more stallin, Li’l Bro.”

"Okay, yeah - well - just, you two head on out into the other room," he says. "I'll throw something on and hit the loo and be right there."

I look over at Geordie, rollin' my eyes.

“Tell you what,” Geordie says, returning my eye-roll with a smirk. “Stead o’ being right back, meet us in the living room. You can have allllll the coffee ya want.”

"That sounds...great..." Ronnard says, still soundin' kinda unenthusiastic 'bout it all.

I can tell he's still thinkin' it's our coffee tryin' to crawl outta the cup, and I smirk. "See ya out there, Ronnard," I say, then I start tryin' to get out the door all careful-like, without spillin' the coffee.

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“Alright, I’ll start settin’ up the bonds,” George whispers to me as we make our way down the hallway. “Getting quite good at it, I am. Who should do the talking first?”

"With any luck, mebbe him," I say. "Let's see iffin we can get him to tell us what happened, kinda get his side - or what he says is - before we get ourselves into it. Whaddya think? And yeah, those bonds look like they're gonna work just fine."

“Sounds good,” he says, dropping his gubbins on the sofa and heading over to the chair to start preparing the restraints.

I walk over and set the coffee mug on the table next to the chair, so Li'l Bro'll know just where he's supposed to sit without us lookin' like we're plottin' somethin'. Not that the kid woulda ever got extra-sensitive to that sorta stuff growin' up our brother or anythin'...

George comes up with a couple lengths of gummy bonds, blueberry looks like, and starts to attach ‘em to the arms of the chair. Pretty good, couldn’t tell they were there ‘luss you really looked.

"Yeah, good job we made that batch nice and tough, eh?" I ask. "Even hung over, I'm supposin' we're gonna need all the bondin' power they got for Ronnard."

“Yeah, too true,” he says, tightening the last knot. “There we go. Got it all done. Let’s sit down quick ‘fore he thinks he’s supposed to take the sofa.”

"Good point, clone," I tell 'im and head for the couch, sittin' an' sprawlin' as much as I can.

Ronnard finally stumbles out in some holey jeans and a shirt that's only got a button or two hooked up. He's rubbin' his eyes first, then the back of his neck, then his eyes again, lookin' like he's feelin' far from his best.

"What'd you two do with the coffee?" he says, soundin' not a bit cheerful. "I know you had some before and I decided even if it was that stuff you make, I'll take it. Figure if it kills me, so much the better."

“Nah, your ever-so-American roomie made it for ya,” George says, gesturing lazily toward the chair. “We figured you’d not be in the best o’ conditions to be fighting anything more’n your hangover. Drink up; plenty more where that came from.”

That perks Li'l Bro up a bit. "Ah yeah? This is Kevin's coffee? Oh, now you're talkin'." Barefoot, he stubs his toe on the corner of the couch and says a few choice words over that, but he finally makes it to the chair in one piece and slides in, snatchin' up the coffee mug and startin' in sippin' right away.

"Green made us up a whole pot for the lot of us, but seein' as Geordie an' me are already well-caffeinated, we'll be leavin' the most for you," I tell him. "Not that we'd really enjoy drinkin' that stuff anyway."

“Sloshy,” George says with a wrinkled nose.

"Mmm, yeah," Ron agrees between constant sips. "Almost enough sugar in it, too."

I look over at Geordie, hardly believin' all that inch o' solid sugar we dumped in the bottom is only 'almost enough'.

He lets out a snort and rolls ‘is eyes. “Looks like you needed that, eh?”

"Damn sure did," Ron says. "Only thing I can say about how shitty I feel this morning is thank Merlin I don't feel bad as I did yesterday. Gotta wean myself off that rot fast."

“Yeah, I can think of a few ways how,” George mumbles, and I see his hand twitch toward his wand, but he doesn’t spell the bonds to clamp ‘im down.

We give him another few minutes to get down near bottom on that mug before startin' in. "So, er...saw Pip yesterday."

Hmm, kinda thought so. That stopped him cold. no more sippin', no lookin' our way, but he's starin' straight ahead like I stunned him instead o' just sayin' her name.

"Yeah," Ronnard finally gets out, but says no more.

“She looked pretty miserable,” the Clone says. “Wouldn’t happen to know why, wouldja?”

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Ronnard sets his mug down on the table like he's all of a sudden too weak to hold it up. Then, leanin' back and starin' at the floor, he lets out a long, deep sigh. "Yeah. I would. We, erm...we had an argument."

“Musta been some argument.”

I feel Geordie nudgin' me in the sides, as I'm closest to the table, and though we know we're needin' to get more coffee down him, we don't want him up walkin' around thinkin' on this neither. "I'll get ya more," I tell him, standin' and grabbin' up the mug, and headin' for the kitchen.

"Thanks," he mumbles at me, and then turns back to George. "And yeah. It was." He stops talking for a mo. "She looked miserable? Shite. That's even worse."

“Know it’s none o’ my business, but we are your big brothers. Our responsibility and all. Up for sharing what happened?”

Back with the second round, I set the mug on the table next to him again in time to see him shrug. "I cocked it all up. She told me she was gonna go on tour with her band and that they were gonna have a concert down in Knockturn. Long story about why, but - I told her not to go. Felt like telling her I wouldn't let her go, really. But either way, Marley didn't...take that well."

"Prob'ly 'bout as well as you'd take someone tellin' you what to do, Ronnard," I throw in.

“Er…yeah, I can imagine,” George says with a cringe. “She’s pretty independent. Know ya like your friends and fam safe, Ron, but not everybody likes bein treated like they need protecting.”

"So I found out," he says. "But it's just, the stuff going on in Knockturn right now, it's really bad, I just - needed her to know how dangerous it is. She didn't wanna listen, and - well, reckon she's as independent as she wants now."

“Did ya tell her what was goin on? Or didja just say ‘Don’t go, it’s dangerous’?”

Ron winces and looks down, rubbin' at the back of 'is neck again. "Pretty much the last one there. But I woulda told her! We just - I dunno - things went mad and I started sayin all this stupid shite."

"Prongs Almighty, Ron, what else didja tell her?" I ask, just a mite exasperated. But I reckon we knew all along it couldn'ta been all Pip's fault, like she said.

It takes him a while to get goin'. "Told her maybe she didn't want me interrupting her life trying to keep her safe, and-" He stops again, trying to get himself together, looks like. "- And that maybe she even wished she'd never met me."

I can see George tryin real hard not to roll his eyes in exasperation, and I also see his hand very subtly twirlin his wand. “Ron, Ron, ya gotta be careful with how things come out. ‘Cause no matter how much you can bollox up, people tend to really like you. And then you end up really hurtin ‘em. You know…Pip was in a real awful way. She needed somebody.” And yeah, I can see them bonds just hoverin over Ron’s wrist, ready to slap down tight to keep him from jumpin free.

"Bloody hell," Ron grumbles. "And I didn't - I couldn't- Well, so she went to you two, yeah? Could you do anything? Help her? Make her feel better at all? Aw, please tell me you did. This whole thing just sucks."

"Well, we did what all we could but - " I start, but can't get it out, so I look over at Geordie.

“But we weren’t her first choice for shoulders,” George finishes and I watch the bonds slowly, sneakily tighten around his wrists. “Ya see, she needed an old friend to help ‘er out. We’re her bosses, not to mention your big brothers. So she went to see Lee. He was a proper gentleman,” he adds quickly. “Didn’t do anything untoward, Clone’s honour.”

He just looks up from where he's been starin' down, like he just now heard the most important single word in there. "What??" he growls dangerously, and I can see every muscle in his arms tensin' by the mo.

“Marley went to Lee’s,” George says a little slower. “She didn’t have nobody else to go to.”

"But it's not what you're thinkin', Ron," I try to get in. "She was upset, and she just--"

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"The hell it isn't!" Ronnard says real loud and goes to stand up, lookin' a little tetchy quick on his way to ragin' inferno.

‘Course the bonds stop him short, tight and secure as they are. I notice George smirk and give me a wink, but Ron’s so busy fussing over the bonds, he doesn’t notice.

"What is this?" Ron asks, yankin' at the bonds for a bit and then snappin', "Yeah well, that's a crock a dragon dung and you know it. Lee Jordan, right? And nothing happened? Psh. Not a chance! Who told you this? Him? Her? Bloody hell. Probably doesn't matter now anyway."

“You don’t trust Marley?” George says, all serious. “Perhaps you don’t love ‘er as much as you say you do. But she loves you, ‘cause she didn’t do nuthin. And Lee thinks of you as an obnoxious little brother. He wouldn’t do nuthin, either.”

"Oh I trust Marley just fine," Ronnard sneers. "Though I gotta say I'm not too fond of her first choice in comforting friends. But Lee? You do know his first night back in London he broke into her flat and climbed in bed with her, don't you? And it wasn't just for a place to sleep, either." Then he just sits there shakin' his head, all hacked off-like.

“That was before he knew you two were connected at the hip,” George points out.

"Yeah, The Lee'd been with her before, how did he know the two of you were newly attached?" I ask, tryin' to be reasonable.

"Whether he knew that or not, you don't just go climbing into bed with a witch you haven't seen in months and expect - you know! And this is the same bloke you say didn't try anything when Marley went to him all upset at me?" Ron sputters. "Yeah, I know I've got no right to complain since it was me cocked this whole thing up. But don't be asking me to believe the unbelievable on top of it."

“You don’t eat handsful of salt anymore,” Geordie puts in.

Ron looks over at Geordie like he's daft. "Salt? What?"

“You used to try to eat handsful of salt,” he explains. “Made you sick and throw up each time, but you thought ‘hey! Salty food is wicked good! Salt must be great!’ You eat handsful of salt anymore?”

"No, but - what the hell are you on about, George? What's that got to do with Marley and Lee?" Li'l Bro demands.

“Salt belongs with food. Marley belongs with you. Sex belongs with relationship. Lee, he’s a slow learner. Not quite so mature as you.”

Ron opens his mouth to say something, but then snaps it shut, sittin' there more quiet-ish and thinkin' on all that George just said. Looks a bit like some o' the wind got sucked from his sails, it does.

"Well I just-" Ron starts in, "I hope that, slow learner or not, Lee caught on enough not to take advantage. Reckon I hurt Marley enough that night already. I swear I'd tear him apart if he hurt her any more, no matter what happened with us. It just wouldn'ta been right for him to do that to her, ya know? And - yeah - one little problem with all ya said, George. Marley does belong with me, I know that, but - the problem is she doesn't think so. It's gonna be a helluva time convincing her with her not wanting me to set foot in her life again."

“Yeah, you will have a time of it, especially if you go shoutin your way into it,” George says. “Or punchin friends who’re just tryin to do right. But that’s why Merlin gave us noggins.”

"Merlin gave us noggins? Thought that was Mum and Dad," Ron says. But then he turns and looks at us sorta oddly. "But hey - how'd you two get into all this anyway? Just from Marley telling you at work?"

"Well, it's a bit of a long story, Ronnard," I say. "You might not wanna hear all the gory details."

I take a look at the gummy bonds and make sure Geordie is at the ready, since we've got one other little tidbit to unload on Ronnard before we're done. After all, the whole point of our li'l visit was to give him all the information as to what happened that night after the fight, and let him blow off steam at us till he understood nothin' at all happened between Lee an' Pip. Geordie 'n' me discussed it'd be a good job to keep the kid outta Azkaban for killin' himself a dredlocked wizard.

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I'm just about to set off on the tale o' woe when there's a knock at the door. I look over at Geordie and then we both look at Ronnard.

"Expectin' anybody, Ron?" I ask.

He shakes his head 'no'.

But I reckon I'd better answer the door 'n' get rid of 'em, whoever they are. Can't be havin' the neighbors gawkin' in and wonderin' why in Prongs' name we got that goofy red-headed kid what lives down the hall all tied up in his own flat.

Headin' for the door, I look out the peep-hole, only to see a shock o' red hair out there too.

I suspect I recognize those two square inches of red head just behind the temple, but just in case, I open the door just a half meter or so to make sure.

Sure enough, when I get better look-see I realise I was right. Dox looks around her before she looks back at me, "Erm...there a reason you won't me in? I just brought some sweets for Ron since I know he isn't...well, if you're here you know how he is." She yawns, then holds up the bag she's holding a little higher to show me.

"Hi to you too, Dox," I say, grinnin' at her. "An' sure! Anybody with - chocolate! - " I yell behind me to cheer Ron, "-Anybody with chocolate's welcome here!" I gesture with my head for her to come in and open the door wider.

"...right. Ok. Ummm..." She says more to herself than to me before she passes me by. Ginny stops dead in her tracks when she sees Ronnard, looks at Geordie, then me, then back at Ron. She scratches her head a few times, opens her mouth, closes it, and tosses the bag of candy on the couch. "I need coffee." Is all she says and walks off to the kitchen.

"Have all ya want from the pot!" I call to her. "Just don't make any more or Green'll have our heads. We promised not to touch his machine."

"There's not many peoples' machines I'd promise not to touch," George says matter-of-fact-like.

"I hear ya on that, clone," I say. " 'Specially after bein' all by my lonesome all this long-"

"Alright, you two, you had your fun," Ronnard says. "Now get me outta these things."

"Had nothin' to do with fun, Li'l Bro. That was protection right there, and nothin' more," I tell him.

Doxie comes around the corner, "You bound Big Bad Auror man for his protection?" She asks then glances at us again, "Not even gonna ask. Just gonna..." Dox walks over to L'il bro and sits down slowly on the floor next to him and awkwardly grabs one of his hands and holds it, "Figure if you tied him up it's gotta be pretty bad. Go on then. I'll just drink my coffee."

“Not for his protection,” George says. “Ours. And Lee’s, who’s done nuthin wrong,” he adds pointedly to Ron.

Ronnard looks down at Dox, makin' a kind of face at 'er like those two always did when they were talkin' but not sayin' anything. "Yeah I know. Since when was Lee Jordan all sweet and innocent that you know of? But they swear he was!"

"Lee did what? I don't even know what in Merlin's name is going on so don't go giving me that look, Ron Weasley." She tightenes her hold on his hand though and sets her mug down, "And if I did I reckon I probably would have said something earlier."

Ron grimaces and then looks over at me 'n' Geordie again. "Well - you two ever gonna let me loose, or what? Besides, you never answered my question. Just how is it that you blokes got all this special, privileged information? In other words, what makes you so sure about Lee playing mummy's little angel, anyway?"

"Let's just go ahead and answer your questions in order then, Ronnard my friend," I say. "The answer is no, we aren't gonna be lettin' you loose quite yet, and the reason is...because of the other answer. Yeah sure, we found out from Pip just what happened betweenst you two...when she came to work yesterday, all a blitherin' mess, the poor thing. And we also found out from Lee about the whole thing just about the same time. Didn't we, George?"

“Yup. Sorta smacked the truth out of ‘im. And he pounded the answer right back,” he adds, taking hold of my wand and undoing the glamour. “Gotta say, we thought same as you, but it’s the truth, nothing happened.”

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Now Ronnard can be slow on the uptake, but he looks right shocked at this li'l revelation as he stares at Geordie's chin. "You're sayin' you...you got in a fight with him over Marley going to him after our fight? Before you found out nothing happened, you were sorta...standing up for me, George? And damn - that looks like it hurts, mate."

"Want me to heal it?" Ginny asks.

“Nah, s’alright Dox,” he waves it off. “We got the best bruise cream in the wizarding world. Wanted to keep my little chin shiner to show off my battlescars to Ron here. And yeah, Ron, I was. As much as pain in the ass as you can be sometimes, you’re still our family.”

"Yeah, I know, just - I know Lee's one of your best mates, too, I...didn't know you'd get into it with him over something to do with me. But...thanks, George," Ron says all quiet, but sincere.

“Pah, lot you know, Ron,” he snorts. “Blood runs thicker’n pranks. Maybe not as interestingly, but certainly thicker. You’re our little brother.”

"I know. I'd do the same for you, ya know," he says, twistin' his arm under the gummy bonds, but not tryin' to get away any more.

“We know.” George grins.

"See Ron! I'm not the only one that has your back." Doxie pipes up, giving L'il Bro a big grin.

Ronnard turns to smile down at her, 'least a li'l.

"So then, ya understand what we're tryin' to tell ya here, right, Ronnard?" I ask 'im. "Yeah, it took us a bit, but we finally worked it out betweenst the two of them that nothin' went on. Nothin'. An' we wouldn't be tellin' ya nothin' happened unless'n we truly believed that, both from Lee and from Pip herself. So have ya got it figured out, now, that your little spat with Marley was on Friday night, and Marley was there for the duration, till Lee brought her to work Saturday mornin'?"

"Sonuva-" Ronnard starts, and from the look on Dox's face, he's squeezin' her hand pretty hard. He also looks mighty stressed and tries to rub the back of his neck with his other hand, but it's tied down too tight, so he just throws his head back. "So Marley, she...spent the night there too. No, I hadn't got quite that far with it yet."

Doxie looks the opposite way of Ronnard, probably so he doesn't see 'er face and realise what he's doing to 'er, but I notice she clenches 'er free hand tight and doesn't make a sound.

“Lee slept on the couch,” George clarifies. “Looked it, too. Crick in ‘is neck. None-too-cheerful.”

"Yeah, doesn't sound like it, if he jumped in and gave you that shiner," Ron points out, lookin' a bit afraid to say whatever's comin' next. "So, er, either one of you talk to Marley? Is she...doing okay?"

"Yeah, that'd be me," I admit. "While George and Lee were out in the alley dukin' it out, I was inside tryin' to get poor Pip to tell me what happened. She told me straight out, Ron, that nothin' happened between them, too, jus' so ya know. But she needed somebody to talk to after you two - well, I'd love to tell ya she was doin' okay, but she wasn't. She was havin' quite the time of it, tryin' not to cry and not bein' able to hold it in an' - don't blame 'er for goin' to Lee, Ron. It'd be a really wrong thing if ya did. She needed somebody and Lee was there for her."

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laughing together

Ronnard takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Then I, uh...I need to, uh, thank him..." But the whole time he's sayin' those words, his voice is gettin' kinda wavery and I reckon I can see his eyes fillin' up a bit. Sure enough, he leans down so he can rub his eyes with the gummy bonds still on and when he sits up again, they're sorta reddened and shiny. "I'm supposed to be there when she needs somebody, damn it!" He bursts out, all of a sudden.

“You can be next time,” George says. “Just so long as you realize it and you realize what you done wrong. It’s obvious your bonkers about each other.”

"And she still cares!" Ginny says from the floor, still not looking at anyone.

Ronnard struggles to come up with a little bit of a semi-wet smile. "I hope so, Gin. But yeah, George, reckon the next time bit's all up to Marley, if she wants me. If she does, I'm right here waiting for the word. If not, well..." I can tell he doesn't wanna think about that possibility. "But I gotta say you lot are about the greatest family I ever saw, trying to keep your poor numbskull of a brother from doing anything stupid to himself or anybody else. Thanks, eh? Loads of it."

“We’d tie you up anyday,” George says sincerely. “Happy to.”

"All in a day's work o' bein' a Weasley, Li'l Bro," I tell him, standin' and smackin' him on the shoulder.

Ginny frowns as she looks at Ron, her own eyes slightly red...not sure if that's because of her hand, or because she's upset over him. "Ron, you know I love you, but you're about to break every bone in my hand."

George smirks. “Well then, I think it’s only fair for Ginny to be the one in charge of freein’ our little brother, what say you?”

"Aw - shite!" Ron says, letting go fast and then grabbing her hand back up to rub it the best he can one-handed. "I'm sorry, Gin!"

"It's ok. Figured you needed it more. Better than taking out your anger on your own hands." She replies quietly before it seems to click what Geordie said, "You're taking the mick, right? You honestly want me to eat my way through his bonds? That's my brother!"

“What, you want us to do it?”

"Yes! Magick him out!"

"What in the hell are you lot on about now?" Ronnard asks. "Just get me outta these things!"

“Only way out is to eat.”

Ginny gives us both a look, "If this gets out I will kill you both, is that understood?" She glances at Ron, "bloody hell...the stuff I do for you." With a sigh and one last look at us that clearly says she'd rather be doing anything but this, she kneels down and eats her way through one side, her ears turning dark red. Soon she moves to the other side and finishes. When she's done she slowly swallows the last bit, looking a bit ill, "I'm never doing that again. Ever. Please Ron, never let this happen again."

"Hey!" Ron says defensively. "Wasn't my idea! But thanks, Gin."

“And with that all settled and et, the Clone and I must be heading out, make some more bangs and fizzes,” George announces.

Dox glares at us both, "Oh yeah, run along now."

'That we must," I agree. "The bangs and fizzes impatiently await." And with that, Geordie and I head for the door, leaving Ginny and Ron to their own devious devices. Just after we say goodbye and are near out the door, we hear those immortal words from Li'l Bro:

"Hey Gin, what'd you do with that chocolate?"

Some things never change.

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